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Instrument opening in 'demo' mode

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If you are seeing the 'demo' button and your patches are timing out, it may mean you are trying to run a non-player library in the Kontakt Player software.

You need to upgrade your Player to the full version of Kontakt.

We try very hard to ensure at all stages of our website that everyone understands which libraries need full Kontakt and which need the Player only.

Many of our products are "Player" libraries, that means they will work in Kontakt Player and can be added as libraries.

However, there are also many products that we sell that will only work in the FULL version of Kontakt and cannot be added as libraries. These products will need to be loaded via the Kontakt files browser or alternatively you can add the library as a favourite to the Kontakt Quick Load window.

If you have any of our Player libraries you can qualify for a discount on the full version of Kontakt see HERE for more information.

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