I don't use my product anymore, can I sell it on?




  • Franz Hühnel

    Dear Sir,

    I am from Germany and have an unusual concern.
    I bought a version of your "BML Mural Symphonic Evolutions" privately from second hand on the internet. After that I installed it and it works perfect.
    Since I like the software very well, I have informed myself on your website. With fright I have found that a resale of "BML Mural Symphonic Evolutions" is not allowed.
    Now I have bought the software from second hand. The seller does not want to take it back. But he has assured me that he will erase all his data from "BML Mural Symphonic Evolutions".
    Now my question:
    Would you exceptionally allow me to use the second-hand "BML Mural Symphonic Evolutions" software for my home recording? It's just an exception. But for me it would be bad if I had spent the money for nothing. I am happy to pay you a kind of license transfer fee, if you wish.
    I would be glad if you made an exception.
    I've learned that I'll never buy second-hand Music.-Software again.

    Thank you for your patience and look forward to your answer.
    Thanks for your time.

    Greetings from

    Bayreuth, Germany

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  • Franz Hühnel

    I wrote earlier that I had bought a second hand product (Soaring Strings). The buyer has now withdrawn the product. Now everything is fine.
    Best regards
    Bayreuth, Germany

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