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What are the Alt Mics?

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The Alt Microphones available in expansion packs for some of our libraries are an extended set of microphones that can be used depending on the users taste. We have recorded these to give another dimension to the sound, and more options for the user to get the sound they want out of the respective library.

The Alt Mics are:

CR - Close Ribbons: Placed next to the standard close mics but using a rarefied selection of vintage ribbon mics to add a warm rounded tone.

ST - Stereo Mic: These are totally different mics in a totally different position to the Tree (closer to the ground level), and have a more direct/immediate sound than the tree. 

- Gallery Mics: Three microphones at the very furthest point from the band way up in the gallery. A true representation of Air Lyndhurst's amazing ambience. 

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