My card keeps getting declined?




  • Gerry Labelle

    Can spmeone call me at 1-450-657-7006 I have tried to purchase the Albion 1 with external USB3 Drive and used my discount anniversary. My Mastercard was not charged 3 times. I than closed the web browser and tried to purchase again but the discount coupon is no longer working. How can I pay you? My mastercard is working fine all over the world, I don't know why it is not working on your website.

  • Holger Schuhmann

    I'm from Berlin, Germany and always I want to buy one of your amazing products my cart keeps getting declined. I spoke to my bank already and they are saying there is no problem. The last time (I bought the Swarm libraries) my card was rejected I gave up and then a few days later I get the download link via mail from you and I was very happy then.
    As a professional producer sometimes I need new sounds very urgently. Could you imagine another solution in future?
    All my best
    Holger Schuhmann

  • Ben

    Hi Holger, I've created a ticket so that one of our support agents can get back to you and try to help.

  • Mark Fabian

    I have tried using both my credit card, which is in GBP, and PayPal, which is linked with that same account and no options seem to work. I checked with my bank and I had to increase my daily spending limit but once I've done that the payment still gets rejected. Pls help!

  • Ben

    Mark, I've created a ticket for you so one of our reps can help

  • Chris Barry

    Guys I ordered HZ Strings last night at the $599 price, my card was declined (US based) however HZ doesn't show up in my account as pending order and the price is now $799...what happened to my order I placed last night??

  • Jannik Schorn

    I've recently bought the British Drama Toolkit Library. First the payment was rejected. The second time it worked. Unfortunately it seems like I've made the payment twice. In my bank account it says that 300€ will be transferred. Would it be possible to check that ? I don't need the library twice.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Ben

    Hi Jannik, Our auditing systems ensure that it is not possible for you to buy the same library twice on the same account. If you see a double charge, it should be refunded automatically within 2-3 days. If you have any doubts at all, please contact us on

  • Jason Ardiles

    I tried to order Spitfire audio studio strings professional and it said that the transaction didn't to go through.. I checked my bank account and it shows it's pending but I called the bank and they said that the transaction was successful on their end. I wish to finalize this purchase ASAP...and hope that we can resolve this issue.

  • Ben

    Jason, I can see that you have a ticket open in our support system. Sit tight and they will be able to resolve this for you.

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