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How long will my download be active after purchasing?

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Our downloads will not time out, they will stay in your library manager forever. 

Once you have downloaded and we have verified that your product is fully installed, we will record this as downloaded, and can be reset at any time. 

If you wish to install on another of your computers, please copy the files over -- bandwidth is expensive!!

If anything goes wrong and you lose your library, you can reset your download, more information can be found HERE. It would be best to back up your libraries to save the hassle of redownloading! 

If you however feel that it is simply too much data for your ISP, you're in a bad area for broadband, or you would simply prefer the option of waiting for it to be delivered on a bespoke made drive, pre backed up and ready to go, you may want to check out this inexpensive option: Bespoke Hard Drive Service

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