"Incompatible Audio Units found" when launching Logic with Phobos installed on Mac OS 10.13 (High Sierra)




  • Andy Stark

    Tried this, and it did not work. Instead of getting the incompatible audio unit message, the system just says that Phobos failed validation. 

  • Andy Stark

    I have tried deleting it and reinstalled, now I am back to Incompatible Audio Units found" when launching Logic. I am running High Sierra 10.13, Logic 10.3.2. Need help here.

  • Jason Carey

    Andy, I had the same issue as you until I went into the hidden user library folder and found a duplicate in the audio/plug-ins/components folder and deleted it. I copied the new file into the main Library folder and Phobos validated properly finally.

  • Andy Stark

    I have deleted , all, and reinstalled. No luck. The hidden library folder has a duplicate as short-cut in a folder called _MACOSX. I have deleted this too, but it came back in the reinstall. Are you saying that I should delete again? The BT Phobos.component file in audio/plug-ins/components is the correct file.

  • Andy Stark

    I went into the hidden user library folder and found two duplicates, one in the audio/plug-ins/components folder and one in audio/plug-ins/component/_MACOSX and deleted both. I then copied the new file into the main Library folder, restarted the computer, and Phobos validation still failed.

  • Andy Stark

    Ok, just for the record. I put back audio/plug-ins/component/_MACOSX with shortcut link, reloaded core audio, now I am up and running. Based on this, I suspect there is still an issue with the install sequence. Because I deleted all, then did a reinstall, you would think that the installer would know what to do. Guess not. Thanks for your insight. Veery helpful.

  • Andy Stark

    Spoke too soon. Phobos is working, but still shows as incompatible So the fix is not complete.

  • Jason Carey

    What caused me to look around for duplicates was the fact that two instances of Phobos were appearing in Plug-In Manager. When I reset selection and scanned one of them the window was blank. The second version had an error about a version mismatch. I don't see the _MACOSX directory on my system. I will also add that I removed all plugins from my user library, including the VST's. Have you disabled system integrity protection? Mine is enabled, which is the default. I manually deleted the BT Phobos.component out of the main Library components folder and then manually placed the new download into there and after authenticating launched Logic, went into the Plug-In manager and reset and scanned successfully.

  • Andy Stark

    No I have not disabled system integrity protection. Also I did remove all plugins from my user library including VSTs. And tried again without the _MACOSX directory. Still getting an incompatibility error, but Phobos is working. Very maddening.

  • Sascha Steven Kratzer

    Worked perfectly, thanks guys!

  • Donald Ferrone


    I use Logic 10.4.4 and Digital Performer 10. Phobus works fine in DP but I get no audio out in Logic. I've followed all the fix recommendations and still no audio output in Logic. It scans successfully in the audio units manger and loads as a plug-in with no problems. Just no audio out from Phobus in Logic. ???

  • Ben

    Hi Donald, we'll have to work with you directly to solve this I think. Can you contact us at spitfireaudio.com/support?

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