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I already own HZ01 and HZ03 and I want Hans Zimmer Percussion, how do I get it?

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If you already own HZ01 and HZ03, you will receive Hans Zimmer Percussion completely free of charge on the day of release!

In addition, you will get Hans Zimmer Percussion Professional free of charge when it is available.

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    Philippe Rombi

    Hi, thank you....
    I already have HZ1, 02, 03; I have downloaded the free upgrade Hans Zimmer Percussions Professional
    ( thank you for that )
    I have just upgraded the latest version of KONTAKT 5.7.1
    The instrument appears in "libraries" but I don't have the serial number for register it into the Service Center. So it is just in demo mode.
    However, now with the new version of KONTAKT 5.7.1, when I try to "activate" or "add library" (manage libraries,now) Native Access opens directly and it's impossible to activate this new HZ library or open my new or future librairies in my external SSD.
    Can you help me, please ?

    Thank you so much in advance.

    All the best
    Ph Rombi

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    Hi Philippe,

    In Native Access, you must click on "Add serial" in the top left. To find your serial number, go to:

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    Philippe Rombi

    Hi Ben,

    Of course !
    Thank you so much !!