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Can I get a refund?

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If you have ordered one of our products in error but have yet to download it, please get in touch at and we can refund the order.

Once a product has been downloaded, we cannot offer a refund for it.

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    John Clifford

    I am very sorry to say that having purchased the orchestral swarm when it was on offer I am very disappointed with it. It was only when it was downloaded (eventually) and I was able to try the sounds contained in it that I realised it really wasn't what I expected. Having heard of Spitfire by reputation I thought that this would be a good starting point in your audio products range. I'm sorry to say it is not. As you do not offer a refund then I will have to suffer the loss at a critical stage in developing my portfolio of music. I am not at all happy.


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    Daniel Schlombs

    Likewise, just snagged alternative solo strings and am quite disappointed. I've sunk a few thousand dollars into Spitfire and have always been blown away. This new vst is a major let down imo.

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    David Govett

    Biggest Spitfire fan of all. Love everything so far (Entire BML range, Harp, Percussion etc) Only complaint so far is the 49.00 matching piano I just downloaded. I can't use it. Can't get a usable velocity setting. (very jumpy) and the mid section is out of tune. Literally a honkytonk piano in a nice hall. Save the money and apply it to Hanz Zimmer Pianos. 50 bucks down the drain today.

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    John Elliott

    I have just attempted to use solo strings although I have owned it for months. I must confess my disappointment. I brought up the cello and sought to regulate the vibrato using CC #21. I discovered that there are two stages, 1) non vibrato and 2) full-on vibrato. The shift between the two is drastic and without a gradient. There is no way to make the shift sound human. I was assuming that the vibrato quality could be gradual as it is on Symphonic Strings. I know I will not be using this particular library. VSL solo strings, which I also own, is far superior, especially in this regard.