If I upgrade to Symphonic Strings Evolutions from Mural Symphonic Evolutions, should I keep the old samples?

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Symphonic Strings Evolutions contains everything contained in Mural Symphonic Evolutions, so if you upgrade to take advantage of the new GUI, the NKS compatibility and the fact that it is a Player Library, you can download Symphonic Strings Evolutions and know that you have all the content from Mural Symphonic Evolutions.

If you are running sessions that use the Mural Symphonic Evolutions library, you may want to keep the library while you are still working on those sessions.

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    Brendan Woithe

    But won't deleting the old library break old sessions that use Mural Symphonic Evolutions, or is it clever enough to have the same named instruments so I can just re-direct to a different part of my sample drive?

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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, that's an excellent point - people using the old library in active sessions should keep the old library. I will update the article.