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I already own Mural Symphonic Evolutions, what's the difference between that and Symphonic Strings Evolutions?

Last updated:

All owners of Mural Symphonic Evolutions will receive Spitfire Symphonic Strings Evolutions for free.

This new product is a "Player" library so it works with the free version of Kontakt and can be added to the library pane on the left of Kontakt.

Symphonic Strings Evolutions is NKS compatible and benefits from an updated GUI and a brand new manual, so it is well worth Mural Symphonic Evolutions owners benefitting from the chance to upgrade for free.

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    Paul Corello

    I have tried to Add Spitfire Symphonic Strings Evolutions library and it is not showing up? If I go to Files it says I have to Add!

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    Paul, I can see you are chatting to one of my technicians as we speak, he'll get this sorted for you.

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    Paul Corello

    Thank you, sorted: have to have internet access on my DAW computer; this will not happen!