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Kontakt Player Libraries not showing up in Kontakt 5.6.8?

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I had all my Kontakt Player libraries activated in a previous version of Kontakt but some are not showing in 5.6.8 and upwards, although they are on Native Access and appear as installed.


Some libraries might not appear on the Library tab because they are invisible. You can check if your libraries are checked to be visible in the Libraries tab under Kontakt Options. To access these, press on the cog as shown:



Make sure that all your libraries are checked. In the screenshot below, for example, Albion ONE will not be shown since it is not checked as visible:



Note that when you remove a library (screenshot below) from Kontakt 5.6.8, you are only setting it to invisible. Adding the serial number again will not display the library tab.



If you are getting this message "Library content not found" you might have changed the location of your library folder. Simply clicking "Locate" and then "Search Spotlight" should locate the library. If not, you might want to check the Database in Kontakt Options, to check that the path of that library is listed.




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