BT Phobos is not showing up in my Library Manager?




  • Joseph Natale

    Hello everyone at Spitfire Audio, I just purchase the BT Phobos order reference #QHO-RJC-ZSQ and It's not showing up In the download library manager. please let me know what i should do.
    Thank you
    Joseph Natale

  • Ben

    Hi Joseph, I created a ticket from your comment, one of our support agents will get back to you.

  • Ed Bangle

    I was able to download the software but I don't see the plugin in my DAW - Studio One 3.5. I have the Komplete 11 and other third party softwares in Studio One which work perfectly / no issues. All the software I have purchase from Spitfire appear to demonstrate issues with Studio One 3.5.  They don't appear in the kontakt shell or as a plugin.  I have correctly mapped the locations to their designated folders, even tried to map to a Native Instrument folder which had functional plugins to connect with Kontakt.  They don't work either. Please advise.

  • Ben

    Ed, I've created a ticket and one of our support agents will get back to you.

  • Philip Simmons

    I purchased BT Phobos yesterday and it has not appeared in my library manager. I have purchased other software in the last 2 months with no issues. Please advise

  • Ben

    Philip, this is likely to be because you aren't running the latest Spitfire Audio App from here:

    If you still have problems after installing and logging in to the latest version, please contact our support team at

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