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The tuning in LCOS is very different...

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This is by design. Not only do the London Contemporary Orchestra use innovative bowing styles they also play with microtonal tuning. By embracing this you will find your music has that LCO edge.

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    Christoph Hiller

    I like that sound very much, but in my opinion when I play the Celli&Basses Vivid Spiccato there are a few notes that are out of tune too much. (C2/C#2/D2/C1/C#2/D2). The C1 seems to switch between C1 and B0... Playing octaves drives my ears crazy...

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    Christoph, this sounds like a bug that is either fixed in the latest version or is in the queue waiting to be fixed. I have created a ticket from your comment so that one of our agents can speak with you about it.