Can I use my own Samples/Loops in Phobos?




  • Michael Bastedo

    I had the same question. I'm disappointed with the answer.
    To be able to use Phobos like you can use Absynth as a filter for your own sounds would make not only the price more palatable it would open up vast new possibilities.

    You can purchase Zebra for $199. Being able to use four Zebra sounds or Omnisphere in Phobos would be wonderful/


    I definitely agree that limiting the loops and samples to just those from BT (although they are great!), is missing out on a huge opportunity for sound exploration and customization. I would really love to see this changed :-)

  • Ben

    Hi folks and thanks for the feedback. We'll be taking this into account as we move forward with our product decisions in the future!

  • Nik Racine

    Sample import is all I ask!

  • Eric Freeman

    Wow, I could swear I read a review saying you could. Big disappointment, my whole point in buying was to apply to my own samples. Now what? :(

  • Justin Melland

    Imagine being able to record a bass drum and then load it into the convolvers!!! Are there some one shot samples in here? I haven't found them yet. This thing could be the ultimate BOOM designer. BTW, very intuitive and well thought out design. Although, it would be pretty cool to implement a MIDI LEARN feature.

  • Luka Lebanidze

    Please make sample import possible. Also adding Phobos as an effect on a track would be fantastic! to use the track as an input source and apply BT convolvers.

  • Eric Freeman

    Ben, any further updates on sample import? Thanks!

  • Ben

    Hi folks, just to clarify: At its core, this product was conceived as a sample library with extra functionality built in, it was never intended to be used with samples or loops other that what is provided with it. However, as I said above, we are listening and I'll make sure that your feedback is fed back to the company.

  • Pier Bover

    Hey Ben, hopefully you'll make this happen. Not being able to load custom samples is the reason I'm not buying Phobos.

  • Eric Freeman

    Ben, I'm taking that as "it's never going to happen".

  • Paul Preston

    This missing feature is the only reason keeping me from purchasing. Hope you will upgrade this otherwise awesome looking tool soon.

    Be great!


  • Erik G

    Agreed with everyone! Convolution Revolution!

  • Luke Huels

    Hi Ben, thanks for continuing to respond to these queries.

    As you've already addressed the sample import issue, I don't want to come across as hassling or nagging, but I have to add my voice to the chorus here and say, PLEASE! - it would be amazing to see this feature installed, the increased production and live performance implications would be incredible.

    At the moment I'd love to buy the product, but as others have said, this missing feature is the only thing keeping me from purchasing.
    Hopefully this goes through

  • Eric Freeman

    Just to add to this, although it is anecdotal, I have a couple friends who have recently passed on the purchase of Phobos because of this limitation. I love Spitfire products, this one product being the exception, and I'd love to see this aspect improved, especially given this is Spitfire's first native plugin.

  • Ian Dean

    I have had BT Phobos since it was released and, like those above, would appreciate some development of this expensive product, especially the ability to upload custom samples. Thanks for listening!

  • Eric Freeman

    It would be great to have an official response one way or another.

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