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Can I use my own Samples/Loops in Phobos?

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No, Phobos is restricted to the loops and samples that BT has created specially for this product.

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    Michael Bastedo

    I had the same question. I'm disappointed with the answer.
    To be able to use Phobos like you can use Absynth as a filter for your own sounds would make not only the price more palatable it would open up vast new possibilities.

    You can purchase Zebra for $199. Being able to use four Zebra sounds or Omnisphere in Phobos would be wonderful/

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    Robert Lanza

    I definitely agree that limiting the loops and samples to just those from BT (although they are great!), is missing out on a huge opportunity for sound exploration and customization. I would really love to see this changed :-)

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    Hi folks and thanks for the feedback. We'll be taking this into account as we move forward with our product decisions in the future!

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    Sample import is all I ask!

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    Eric Freeman

    Wow, I could swear I read a review saying you could. Big disappointment, my whole point in buying was to apply to my own samples. Now what? :(

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    Justin Melland

    Imagine being able to record a bass drum and then load it into the convolvers!!! Are there some one shot samples in here? I haven't found them yet. This thing could be the ultimate BOOM designer. BTW, very intuitive and well thought out design. Although, it would be pretty cool to implement a MIDI LEARN feature.