Library content not found with HZ02

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After updating to the latest version of Kontakt, you may find that you get the following error message: "Library content not found. Click locate to set the content"

If this happens, place the attached file in the "Spitfire HZ02 library" folder and try loading the library again.

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    John Penny

    Hi, After placing the HZ02 Percussion.nicnt file in my HZ02 libray folder as prescribed above, the missing content still can't be found. The HZ02 Percussion.nicnt file already in that folder was replaced by the downloaded one. The extra snares, kicks, toms, and other sample content still does not appear in Kontakt, nor does it appear on my computer's SSD drive, Only the 3 performance kits are available. Is the another fix for this issue?



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    Hi John, I've created a ticket in our support system on your behalf. One of our agents will get back to you. Ben