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Disk indicator turns red and sound clips

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The answer here is actually a faster hard drive. The data that gets loaded into RAM is only that which the instrument needs immediately, everything else is streamed from the hard disk on demand. When you see the disk indicator turning red it means the hard drive cannot keep up and when you likely need is to consider an SSD to store the samples on - some of our heaviest users actually put different libraries across different SSDs. Some even store separate parts of the same library on different SSDs.

Additionally, in Kontakt, you can try tweaking a couple of settings.

Look in the preferences for Memory > Instrument Preload Buffer size and increase it if you have a lot of RAM but are suffering from Hard Drive slowness. You could also consider increasing the latency as described here:

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    Richard Clark-Varma

    Hello, Im getting this same problem on my PC. I am using an SSD (850 EVO 1TB) and I have 24GB ram, Intel I7 4790k OC 5Ghz and Im getting sound clips (red) at random times when my Logeria strings play short notes. I even increased the buffer size more on my audio interface, but that didn't help. There is only 1 midi track and 1 audio track. it will go red at any percentage 1%, 5% or 10%. Do you know what the issue could be? Its fine playing long notes with the "long" setting. but short notes played with the "long" setting causes it.