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Where are the user manuals?

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All of our products benefit from an inline user manual, explained here

We do have specific manuals for some of our more recent and flagship products, available from the product page and linked below:

Albion ONE 

Albion V Tundra

Symphonic Strings

Symphonic Woodwinds

Symphonic Brass


London Contemporary Orchestra Strings

Chamber Strings

Harp Swarm

Mandolin Swarm

Marimba Swarm

BT Phobos

Ólafur Arnalds Composer Toolkit

Ólafur Arnalds Evolutions

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    Peter McDonnell

    I am using Spitfire Solo strings and have downloaded a PDF user guide form the internet. However, this guide is for a different version of solo strings than the one I have bought. For example, the manual talks of instruments such as Violin (Virtuoso) whereas my instruments are solo violin multi mic etc. Also, my GUIs differ to those in the manual. Do I have a cut down version, and so, is there a guide for this version?

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    Hi Peter, it sounds like you have the older version of Solo Strings which does not have a manual. The manual you have is for the new Solo Strings and as an owner of the old solo strings you are entitled to an upgrade price, just put Solo Strings in your cart and the upgrade price will be calculated for you.