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If you are getting the message "Invalid Installation Location, The install path you selected cannot be saved to. Please select a non-private location instead" when attempting to download a library using the Spitfire Audio App, you may be trying to download to a location or drive that you only have read access to.

Please try changing the download location, if that doesn't work, contact our support team at

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    Johannes Rothenaicher

    Today I got a bespoke harddrive from you with Phobos ... I copied the files to my flash SSD ... lunched Spitfire Library manager ... updated phobos ... now yout program shows me "installed" at the bottom ... I am working with Cubase 9 on PC Win10 ... Problem: I can't find any VST PlugIn called "Phobos" on my computer?!?! Can you help me? Kindly, Johannes Rothenaicher

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    Joshua Campbell


    I've successfully downloaded the Bernard Hermann library... Added to my Native Instruments account via "Manage Libraries" using the serial number you sent me. I clicked on the "add library" button in the Native Access "Not Installed" tab. I navigated to the Bernard Hermann folder and received the following message: "Library path is not valid. Did you select the wrong library?" I tried this several times, selecting each of the possible folders form the outer "Spitfire" folder that I created down to the "Samples" & "Instruments" folders & the subfolders inside the "Instruments" folders...

    What should I try next?

    Very Respectfully,
    Joshua Campbell

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    Brian Alcober

    Hi, i downloaded the Spitfire App, Kontakt recongizes it and is placed in "Not Installed"
    I click Add Library, than Kontakt asks to please browse to the folder where the toolkit is located
    I go to the location, select the File Labeled, Spitfire Audio.

    It says, "Library Path is not Valid. Please browse again"

    I have tried for hours to get it to install.

    I come here and the same thing happened to someone else, yet there is no Solution?

    Im waiting for a response, but it would of been nice to see the response to the same problem listed in this thread. Saved me the waiting time.
    Its hard because it on the verge of being fully installed.....

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    Hi Brian, you need to select the folder called "Spitfire Audio - British Drama Toolkit". If this doesn't work, it may be that the library hasn't been fully downloaded, in which case, please go to and either use the "chat" function or "submit a request" to talk to our support team. Ben