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Invalid Installation Location

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If you are getting the message "Invalid Installation Location, The install path you selected cannot be saved to. Please select a non-private location instead" when attempting to download a library using the Spitfire Audio App, you may be trying to download to a location or drive that you only have read access to.

Please try changing the download location, if that doesn't work, contact our support team at

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    Johannes Rothenaicher

    Today I got a bespoke harddrive from you with Phobos ... I copied the files to my flash SSD ... lunched Spitfire Library manager ... updated phobos ... now yout program shows me "installed" at the bottom ... I am working with Cubase 9 on PC Win10 ... Problem: I can't find any VST PlugIn called "Phobos" on my computer?!?! Can you help me? Kindly, Johannes Rothenaicher

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    Joshua Campbell


    I've successfully downloaded the Bernard Hermann library... Added to my Native Instruments account via "Manage Libraries" using the serial number you sent me. I clicked on the "add library" button in the Native Access "Not Installed" tab. I navigated to the Bernard Hermann folder and received the following message: "Library path is not valid. Did you select the wrong library?" I tried this several times, selecting each of the possible folders form the outer "Spitfire" folder that I created down to the "Samples" & "Instruments" folders & the subfolders inside the "Instruments" folders...

    What should I try next?

    Very Respectfully,
    Joshua Campbell